Investor Relations

Financial reports and presentations

Journal of Technology

The Saudi Aramco Journal of Technology is published quarterly to provide the company’s scientific and engineering communities with a forum for the exchange of ideas. Articles present technical information aimed at advancing the hydrocarbon industry.


Panorama covers off-job safety issues, written for the entire family and is available in Arabic and English

Enviro News

Environmental news and initiatives from Saudi Aramco, as we work to protect the Kingdom’s environment, from its natural resource base and vast biodiversity to the health of our communities, employees and their families.


The Arabian Sun

The Arabian Sun is Saudi Aramco's weekly internal publication that provides news and feature stories covering company events, news, and appointments in addition to employee and community activities.


In addition to producing publications about our company and the petroleum industry, we also publish original research on Saudi Arabia's natural history and overviews of the Kingdom's history and culture.

Dimensions International

Saudi Aramco's Dimensions International is published periodically for the affiliates, customers and employees of the Saudi Aramco.

Corporate Reports

Learn more about our efforts to help ensure global security and bolster the Kingdoms economic growth in our Corporate Reports section.


AramcoWorld is published six times a year, to increase cross-cultural understanding. The goal is to broaden knowledge of the cultures, history and geography of the Arab and Muslim worlds and their connections with the West.