Real engineering excellence

F1 and Aramco

As a Global Partner with F1, we share a commitment to driving real-world innovation through engineering excellence that results in lower emissions, enhanced performance, and expanded human potential.

We have an ambition to drive real-world innovation through engineering excellence that results in lower emissions, enhanced performance, and expanded human potential.

Engineering excellence is at the heart of everything we do. It drives our vision for a more efficient, lower carbon future, so that we continue to provide the world with energy, responsibly. For 70 years, F1 has been at the forefront of automotive engineering – accelerating innovation on and off the track, which is why we chose F1 for our first global sponsorship.

We aim to make an impact in bringing emissions reductions across the automotive transport sector. 

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Future fuels

Aramco is developing research on lower-emitting fuels to drive both motorsport and everyday transport. By combining fuels advancement with improved engine design, higher levels of efficiency are possible to power the cars of tomorrow.

Mobile carbon capture

We are researching mobile carbon capture technology, technology, capturing CO2 on the move so that it never reaches the air. It has already been successfully tested in cars, pickups, and freight trucks. 

Carbon capture

Working towards a lower carbon future, Aramco is advancing its milestones in  carbon capture. Already-proven techniques in capturing carbon before it becomes emissions creates opportunities for utilizing carbon as a resource while reducing its impact.


From pursuing lower carbon energy solutions, to improving operational efficiency, we believe more sustainable practices are the best way to ensure we can continue providing the world with energy – responsibly.

Internal combustion engine

Aramco is carrying out research aiming to improve the internal combustion engine (ICE) efficiency, while it remains the go-to engine for powering the world’s transportation fleet. 

Nonmetallics in the automotive sector – such as carbon fiber – reduces vehicle weight which could lead to less fuel consumption, better vehicle performance, and lower emissions. Aramco is working to develop nonmetallic solutions, and exploring how to reduce the manufacturing costs of carbon fiber for mass production.


Digital innovation

We use Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) (4IR) technologies to deliver tomorrow’s energy more sustainably, efficiently, and safely. Technologies such as big data analytics, robotics, or augmented reality, are playing an increasingly vital role across all our operations. 

Supporting communities

Aramco invests in its communities to promote learning in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). We are the title sponsor of the Aramco F1 In Schools championship, where competitors from around the globe compete in engineering their own model racers, developing STEM skills and encouraging future generations of technical specialists.