Human rights

Ethics and human rights

Within the context of human rights, we are focused on addressing emerging issues relevant to our company and industry – especially those impacting our workplaces, supply chains and the local communities where we operate.

We are also committed to greater public transparency and wider societal engagement around how we manage human rights impacts across our operations.  We strongly believe that this type of open collaboration is important to help drive continuous improvement in this critical focus area.

We believe all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and we recognize our role as a prominent corporate citizen in promoting a positive and progressive culture around the recognition of human rights.

Our human rights approach is focused on meeting two important objectives:

  1. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations in each jurisdiction in which we operate, and
  2. Our engagement with global and regional stakeholders in human rights matters related to our operations, and our responsiveness to concerns expressed by them.

The responsibility for ensuring respect for human rights in our daily operations sits with all of us. Specific topics related to human rights are overseen by committees headed by Executive Management, such as our Sustainability Steering Committee, HR and Corporate Services Committee, and the Citizenship Executive Committee.