Pipelines Department

Contracting Opportunities

The Saudi Aramco Pipelines Department’s mission is to transport the Kingdom’s hydrocarbons with the highest standards of safety, reliability, efficiency and environmental responsibility by empowering competent teams to apply innovative methods and state of the art technology.

The Pipelines Department requires a number of services to support its mission. Scroll down to read more about the opportunities for contractors to support our Pipelines Department.

To apply for prequalification for these opportunities, click herePlease note that registration or prequalification with Saudi Aramco is not a guarantee of future work.

1. Pipeline Repair & Reconditioning Services

The service includes pipeline replacement, sleeving, reconditioning and any other supporting work. The work includes excavation of pipelines, shoring, unwrapping and cleaning of pipelines for inspection, cutting and installation of pipelines and pipe supports, beveling, welding, sand/grit/garnet blasting, priming, coating/wrapping, installation of pipe fittings, concrete, and asphalt, dewatering, sand removal, backfilling, berming and stabilizing areas to their normal condition.