Our sustainability data


Our sustainability data across our four focus areas and our corporate governance is presented below. Reporting boundaries for each KPI and for each year is shown for transparency and, where possible, comparability. 

There are three common terms used in reference to KPIs' reporting boundaries and the definitions of the commonly used terms are: 

Company in-Kingdom - Saudi Arabian Oil Company in-Kingdom wholly-owned operated assets. 

Saudi Aramco Operational Control - Saudi Arabian Oil Company in-Kingdom wholly-owned operated assets, SASREF, Motiva, ARLANXEO, Aramco Trading Company (ATC), Aramco Services Company (ASC), Aramco Overseas Company B.V. (AOC) and Saudi Aramco Asia Company Ltd. (SAAC). 

Group - Saudi Arabian Oil Company, together with its consolidated subsidiaries, and where the context requires, its joint operations, joint ventures and associates.

For the avoidance of doubt, SABIC and S-Oil’s non-financial performance data are not presented below. Both subsidiaries are publicly listed and issue separate annual sustainability reports.