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We are one of the leading suppliers of premium-quality base oils around the world.

About Base Oils

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We’re never satisfied with the status-quo. And when it comes to adding more value from our base oils production, we saw an opportunity and we delivered.

For the past 40 years, three of our downstream affiliates (LUBEREF, Motiva and S-Oil) have been major suppliers of quality Group I, Group II and Group III base oils. We’re collaborating to deliver new solutions that meet the needs of our customers – and the needs of evolving markets – with consistent quality and reliable supply from refineries located strategically around the world.

We’re integrating our product offering under a unified global brand family, Aramco Base Oils, to deliver a broad range of base oil products under the aramcoDURA, aramcoPRIMA, and aramcoULTRA brands.

Our customers can easily source the base oils that meet their existing specifications for finished lubricants from any one of our strategically located base oil facilities.

Get ready for a new base oils era from the largest crude supplier in the world.

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As the world's largest energy producer, we're building on decades of experience to bring together our businesses. The Aramco Base Oils Family: Delivering unprecedented levels of reliability, consistency and quality on a global scale, all under one roof.


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Our aramcoDURA base oils help keep automotive and industrial engines moving, meeting the exacting requirements of today’s modern automotive and industrial engines. 

Key product properties: 

  • API Group I

  • Consistent quality from a single source of crude oil

  • Excellent dispersant qualities and additive compatibility

  • Major applications : Industrial, Marine and mid-tier Automotive 



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Our aramcoPRIMA API Group II base oils give you the power to formulate the majority of automotive and industrial lubricating oils for heavy duty diesel engine oils, as well as driveline oils, industrial hydraulic and turbine oils.

We also offer process oils which are derived from our Group II processing stream but are not classified as API Group II oils.

Key product properties:

  • API Group II
  • High purity suitable for process/white oil 
  • Designed for a wide range of engine oil viscosity grades 
  • Major applications: automotive and high performance industrial applications.



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Our aramcoULTRA API Group III base oils are used in applications that require high performance and efficiency, such as high performance engines, automatic/manual transmissions and long-life industrial fluids. 

Key product properties:

  • API Group III
  • Designed for a low viscosity engine oil applications
  • Major applications: automotive and high performance industrial applications.

    We also offer fluids under the aramcoULTRA brand which are derived from our Group III processing stream but are not classified as API Group III oil that are high purity products suitable for process oil application.


    Technical information

    Section 5

    Interchangeable and linked group II base oils

    In accordance with API and ACEA protocols, Saudi Aramco has successfully completed test programs that demonstrated the interchangeability and linage between Group II base oils from our global manufacturing sites.

    The extensive testing programs covers API SN/GF-5, API CJ-4 together with ACEA A3/B4, E7 and E9 automotive engine in addition to demonstration in industrial and gear oils applications.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Section 6

    Who do I contact if I want to buy any of the Aramco Base Oils Brand?

    Please click here for the contact information.

    What are the key benefits associated with Aramco Base Oils brand?

    Our offer includes Base Stock API Group I, II and III, it is available world wide and we have an ambitious approval program. 

    Where are your production sites?

    In Port Arthur (TX, USA), Jeddah (KSA), Yanbu (KSA) and Ulsan (South Korea); they are strategically integrated with our upstream assets  and supply customers directly (multimodal) or through the logistics hubs. 

    Where are the logistics hubs located?

    Beyond our production facilities, Port Arthur (TX, USA), Jeddah (KSA), Yanbu (KSA) and Ulsan (South Korea), we also have strategically located storage hubs around the globe.

    • Antwerp, Belgium
    • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • Jingjiang, China
    • Dongguan, China
    • Yingkou, China
    • Yokohama, Japan
    • Kobe, Japan
    • Yokkaichi, Japan
    • Botany, Australia
    • Houston, TX USA
    • Port Allen, LA USA
    • New Orleans, LA USA
    • Greenville, MS USA
    • Hamriya, Free Zone UAE
    How is World-class reliability achieved?

    There are many factors to ensure we provide world class reliability for our customers, the main ones are:

    • Scale of production, we rank no. 1 as global marketers in volume and no. 1 in consolidated production capacity 
    • Production sites and logistics hubs: we have a strategic network of assets that ensure worldwide cover, includes 4 productions plants and 14 logistic hubs. We offer flexibility to customers, delivering through different modes (bulk vessel, truck, barge, rail, etc.) and packages (flexi-bags, ISO-tanks etc.) to meet their individual needs.
    • Aramco’s strategic integration between upstream and downstream ensures continued access to crude, and therefore reliably deliver Base Oils to our customers.
    Provide a real example of World-class reliability

    We can provide aramcoPRIMA from various facilities, thus ensuring continued supply, even in the event of unforeseen circumstances which for other competitors may be a Force Majeure, (i.e., emergencies, natural disasters, etc.)

    Does Aramco have global slate?

    Yes, Aramco has completed a slate demonstration as defined by API 1509 and ATIEL Code of Practice  for products within their API Group II offering (aramcoPRIMA). Aramco declared a slate for selected aramcoPRIMA products in 2020.

    Why have you consolidated products under the Aramco Base Oils brands?

    This is a business initiative to leverage our collective Base Oil experience, and building on it together to compete in a global marketplace. It enables us to offer our products portfolio under one brand and promote our global slate. (Please check the base oils advertisement “Global Reach, Local Service”)

    What are the types of Base Stocks that Aramco sell?

    We sell API Group I, II and III, (aramcoDURA, aramcoPRIMA, aramcoULTRA respectively) Base Stock types. Within this grouping we have various viscosity grades which are available to meet end-user needs. Please consult the website or our catalogue to see the full product offering.

    Do you sell API Group IV? Do you have plans to sell API Group IV in the future?

    We currently do not sell API Group IV. Aramco is constantly assessing the needs of the market and developing strategies accordingly.

    Do you sell bright stock?

    Yes. We do sell bright stock under our aramcoDURA brand name. Please click here for the product specifications.

    What are the specifications of your products?

    For the base stock specifications please check the catalogs on this page . If you have specific requirements, please contact our Affiliate’s commercial teams, their details are provided on the website or in the catalogue.

    Does aramcoPRIMA has the same specifications between all Affiliates?

    We are looking to harmonise specifications of common viscosity cuts between manufacturing sites. For specifications please click here

    Which Aramco products are registered on REACH?

    Most of our products are REACH registered;

    • S-OIL products except DURA 150BS are registered in EU REACH and under progress for Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN) of UK REACH so that S-OIL products registered in EU REACH could continue to be supplied to UK up to Oct 2023. S-OIL will register UK REACH in time before Oct 2023, when DUIN is no longer effective.
    • All Motiva products are REACH registered in EU. Motiva is seeking registration for UK REACH as well.
    • Luberef Base Oil Products;
      aramcoDURA 150 
      aramcoDURA 500 
      aramcoDURA BS150 
      aramcoPRIMA 70 
      aramcoPRIMA 110 
      aramcoPRIMA 230 
      aramcoPRIMA 500 
      by-products; Bright Stock Extract. 


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    Saudi Aramco



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