Workforce empowerment

Responsible business

Meeting the energy challenges of tomorrow requires investing in our people today. Each day our global workforce combines passion, purpose, and performance to achieve a common objective — unlocking the full potential of the Kingdom’s resources, to create ever more value for our company, and opportunities for people around the globe.

We strive to cultivate a collaborative work environment, and provide tools that enable our people to turn ideas into reality. Every employee is encouraged to improve their knowledge and skills through in-house training and development, as well as learning alliances – and we’ll continue to leverage our industry leadership to provide rewarding careers.

Our diversity and inclusion programs help create a welcoming, respectful, and genuinely inclusive culture that embraces all aspects of diversity: ability, gender, age, culture, working-style, and more. As our Company continues to grow and expand into new markets, the diversity of our workforce will also continue to grow and expand.

We have created several initiatives to enhance women’s representation by creating our own supply of talent through programs, such as sponsored college degree and university outreach programs. We’ll continue to attract and develop the best local talent, and provide opportunities for specific groups, including candidates with disabilities.

Our policies and procedures comply with all applicable domestic laws – and we are committed to implementing fair employment practices and upholding human rights. Likewise, we expect our partners and suppliers to adhere to the highest ethical standards. Safety is one of our core values and underpins everything we do, and our code of business conduct sets out the rules for responsible behaviour and ethical conduct across the company.