Our digital innovation centers

Technology development

Aramco’s Innovation Centers play an important role in the Company’s Digital Transformation by developing and utilizing Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies, and supporting leading digital innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs.


Lab7 is our innovation and product development center. This new home for aspiring innovators from across the Kingdom, and around the world, is designed to enable the creation of groundbreaking technology-based digital and industrial products. Lab7’s focus will be to incubate disruptive ideas in five target sectors - sustainability, manufacturing, digital, industrial, and social innovation - and provide the support to bring the best of these to market.

SPARK Innovation Hub

The hub provides a collaborative platform to attract leading digital and entrepreneurial talents. It is designed to be a leading digital manufacturing ecosystem that attracts investors, partners, and small to medium enterprises (SME), to enhance the Kingdom’s manufacturing and SME growth within the energy sector. The Hub provides tenants with world-class services and digital tools, creating an ideal environment for innovation in 4IR technologies in the oil and gas industry including AI, robotics, virtual reality (VR), and the Internet of Things (IoT).


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Center uses a series of advanced analytics solutions to achieve a number of our strategic objectives, including enhancing fuel efficiency, cutting production costs, improving workplace safety, and reducing emissions. Among a range of digital projects at the Center, we have developed a flare monitoring solution which predicts total flaring without additional instruments or capital investments. With the help of other flare minimization initiatives, this solution has been able to reduce total flaring by more than 60 percent.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Center

The Upstream Innovation Center

The Innovation Center was established to advance the development of upstream solutions through digital transformation. Through the use of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies, our engineers and geoscientists are able to optimize development plans and well trajectories, manage water production, and reduce carbon emissions. All of these efforts translate to maximizing discovery and recovery, ensuring reliability and safety, reducing costs, and maximizing the value of our sustainability practices.

Supply Chain Control Center

The Center is a strategic initiative designed to transform our supply chains by integrating and automating them, and optimizing the delivery of resources during operations. It uses a variety of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies that support digital transformation in our supply chains, such as AI solutions that provide real-time alerts to prevent business disruption, live logistics tracking for Aramco’s worldwide shipments, and end-to-end visibility on supply chain processes. Advanced analytics are also deployed to optimize our supply chain logistics and contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.