Energy efficiency

Managing our footprint

Saving energy is a key global mitigation action toward climate change.

We recognize that our future quality of life depends on how we manage energy consumption today.

Our energy efficiency program started more than 20 years ago.

Energy efficiency at Aramco involves reducing energy consumption at our facilities, making sure new facilities are designed to be energy efficient, and increasing the company’s overall energy efficiency.

We also work to influence and promote energy efficiency at the national level.

Energy efficient technologies and practices are implemented across our facilities, buildings, transportation and residential communities in Saudi Arabia.

We have steadily reduced our energy intensity — a measure of the total energy consumed to generate a unit of product.

Capturing unused heat

Our Combined Heat and Power program captures and converts the heat from plant exhaust streams into useful thermal energy.

Through cogeneration we produce electricity as a natural byproduct of our operations, and our aim is to achieve 100% self-sufficiency in electrical power generation for our operating plants. 

Our new operating facilities include grassroots cogeneration systems, and we are retrofitting existing plants.

Our efficiency initiatives

  • Flare minimization to cut the burning of ‘associated gases’ created in oil production.
  • Cogeneration to help reduce our dependency on the national electricity grid and make our operating plants electrically self-sufficient.
  • Improving industrial efficiency in our new and existing plants by conducting energy optimization studies and using solar, battery and renewable energy technologies where possible.
  • Saving energy elsewhere in our operations through our "Lead by Example" program, which focuses on water heaters, lighting, vehicles, heating ventilation and air conditioning, home ownership and smart electricity meters.
  • Promoting energy efficiency nationwide, by creating the National Energy Strategy, supporting the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program and collaborating with national energy entities such as the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center.

Awards and Firsts

Aramco wins the 2020 Green Award for environmental best practice for our Wa’ad Al-Shamal PV and battery-powered gas well
Aramco wins a regional award from the Association of Energy Engineers for our Energy Management Program
Aramco wins a Solomon Benchmark for best-in-class energy intensity among major oil and gas companies
Aramco installs Saudi Arabia’s first utility-scale wind turbine at the Turaif Bulk Plant
Aramco builds one of the world’s largest solar carport at Al Midra Tower site
Aramco uses solar panels to power remote sites