Investing in our people


Why we invest in our people

Turning great aspirations into reality requires great capabilities. We emphasize continuous development and skill building to drive performance through a wealth of courses, training centers, internships, and mentorship programs.

From our newest recruits to our experienced professionals and senior leadership, we offer capacity building programs tailored to help them meet the growing responsibilities linked to our evolving business.

Our success is a result of facing challenges head-on with determination, persistence, and innovative thinking, which is made possible through our unique training programs.

Professional development programs

Geoscience Train

The program focuses on building the participant’s strengths in geology and geophysics through a mix of educational courses and field applications.

Leadership Series

Our Leadership Series imparts skills through programs that address critical challenges at each level of responsibility

Upstream Professional Development Center

Through its broad suite of interactive programs, UPDC compresses the time required for new engineers and geoscientists to contribute in their jobs, while capturing the knowledge and experience of more senior professionals.

Young Leaders Advisory Board

Our Young Leaders Advisory Board is just one of the programs we have in place to channel the input and harness the incredible energy of the young generation at Saudi Aramco.

Student programs

For Saudi nationals.

College programs

This is a scholarship program for high caliber Saudi students currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the Kingdom or overseas.

Internship programs

The objective of this program is to assist participants in gaining practical work experience, as well as meet the graduation requirements of their respective schools.

High school

Tomooh and Summer Training are two programs that target high-potential secondary students from different cities across the Kingdom.