Becoming a customer


In Saudi Aramco our goal is to sell hydrocarbon products in a safe, efficient, and customer focused manner through a talented workforce, adopting latest technology, and effective processes.

All potential customers are required to sign a sales agreement for purchasing hydrocarbon products. There are different registration and qualification processes depending on a number of factors such as the customer’s facility location, type of product and the intended usage.

It is important to follow these simple steps to set up a customer account with Saudi Aramco.

1. Compile the following basic documentation requirements to create a sales agreement for petroleum products:

  • A Saudi National Identity card or Iqama (for proprietorship only). For ladies, present a National Identity or family ID card.
  • An official letter with a signature from the customer requesting Saudi Aramco to open a new account. Please specify the purpose of using the product, type of product and quantities.
  • A Power of Attorney from a Chamber of Commerce or Court, which clearly states that the delegated person is authorized to sign a product Sales Agreement with Saudi Aramco with copy of the National ID of the delegated person.
  • A commercial registration, which shall specify the type of business, e.g., gas station, transporter, road construction, bunkering, etc.
  • Investor license for non-Saudis.
  • A credit instrument (Bank Guarantee) for credit customers.
  • A list of facilities and sub-customers.
  • End user National ID cards or Iqama.
  • Extranet forms (SA-9696 and SA-82055-).
  • A copy of a bill for the mobile number registered in the extranet forms.
  • An authorization form for the extranet user (if the applicant is not the owner).  

2. Define your area of business, then follow the necessary steps to enable a sales agreement. For a detailed list of the requirements for each business activity, please check the following special requirements. 


3. Download and complete the following e-forms: 1) Registration form, 2) Computer Usage Agreement.

    4. After completing the e-forms, print, sign, stamp and send them via email to or by fax to +966 13 862 1234. (This step is required to obtain a temporary electronic account to add attachments and communicate with the customer.)

    5. Once your forms are received, a temporary account will be created for you. The username and password will be sent to you by an email and SMS message.

    6. After obtaining the username and password, please log in to the customer portal in e-services to attach requirements and communicate with our representatives. 


    Customer Care Center

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the following channels:

    Out of Kingdom: +966 13 862 4902

    Toll free: 800 305 5555

    Fax: 966 13 862 1234